My One Inch of the Internet!

This is my spot on the Internet. No Social Media contracts. I make the calls. Do as I want.


About This Site

My name is Grant Dunham. I’ve lived in the Yukon since 1986. I’m retired now doing pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want and with whoever I want. This retirement life is really good.

I’ve long been a fan of the open internet, starting in 1998 with software called Manila. But it slowly withered away. I have been using Drupal since. And really like it. But it’s grown to be very technical. So, now onto WordPress for this site.

I do have accounts on the main social media outlets. But I really don’t like letting someone else decide what will be displayed and when to display it – mainly driven by data mined advertising. So, I stake my claim to the open internet here. And will live on my “Big One Inch Deed.”

My Stuff

These are some of the things I want to get organized.

Our Pets

We’ve had dogs – Max, Calhoun, Buddy, Bruce and Piper – and cats – DC and Watson.

Our Vacations

We took a bunch of vacations with the kids. Here are some.


Our family.

Harvey the RV

(Or Maybe Piper's Palace!)

Not sure if that name will stick. But I wanted a place to document our adventures with our new motorhome.

My Rants

When things get under my skin.